The selection of different and wonderful types of bed frames will be useful for us

By Jaxson Parker | 29 Jan, 2022

We spend a third of our lives in bed - and for some of us if we love all those delicious lazy Sunday mornings. So it is important that we get it right when we buy it. It's a matter of taste, depending on which style you choose. Some swear by a trusty divan while others prefer the look of a traditional wooden bed frame.

The most important thing is the size. Even within the dimensions of a standard double, there are variations in height and some come with wide statement heads and footboards that claim significant extra inches of your bedroom floor plan.

Most double beds come with spring slats, which are made of a flexible wood and are designed to support the mattress and respond to our body weight as we shift around the bed. Others have fixed slats, which make the bed feel extra firm but don't offer significant flexibility.

We have a range of double beds to suit every taste, space and budget, looking for quality craftsmanship and materials to facilitate easy assembly in a suitable, elegant design and of course a comfortable space. All the beds in our roundup are reliable, sturdy and well-made, from the ultra-luxurious to the incredibly affordable high-end.

Virginio Bed


With its unparalleled Italian chic temperament, the wide headboard is what really sets Virginio apart. Add a touch of style to your bedroom without compromising on comfort or practicality.

Keady Master Bed



High 6 feet statement piece headboard .Handmade Chester Field Upholstery across the headboard and footboard .Option to have button or acrylic diamond details .Available in a variety of colors and fabrics, please see the Fabric Sample page for the full selection .Available Ottoman Storage Add-ons, please select 'Adlift Up Storage' from the variations above for this feature, please note that the feature is not available on Emperor size beds .Distribute headboards as standard .1 year manufacturing warranty.

John Lewis & Partners Swirl Metal Bed Frame, Double, Black


We love the decorative style of this bed frame, which is made of strong steel and has a rotating pattern on the headboard. This style gives rise to the era of Art Deco prosperity, but we have given it a modern edge thanks to the Black Finish trend. In addition, the base includes auxiliary spring slats.

The Fitzroy Bed Frame


Arched Double Bed, Oak & Cane


Heavy Duty Non-Slip Bed Frame with Steel Slats


Looking for a new bed frame? Good thinking now it goes without saying that a standard bed frame is essential for cleaning your sleep. Maybe your current home is a little old and crazy, or maybe you're moving to a new, unfinished home. Usually made of strong materials such as metal or wood, bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, usually featuring a row of slats or springs to support your mattress. Also, some bed frames have headboards and footboards for styling and extra protection. Many people think that mattress is the source of all comfort at night however they will be wrong.

Haleem 40'' Steel Bed Frame



This product with simple geometric headboard has been developed with advanced manufacturing process and excellent details. Solid metal framework with ultimate strength, laser welding, and intricate paint process makes this sturdy frame more durable and comfortable, which will give you a comfortable retreat and sweet bedtime. This product will pack in a waterproof and strong plastic package box, which can avoid most of the damage during shipping and other occasions. We recommend that you keep this reusable box for further use if possible.


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